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845-561-3413 – Got mold? Call us today and we will take care of your mold issues. From testing to mold removal we are the one stop shop! Our crews are fully trained in all the latest mold removal and remediation techniques.

Don’t let mold get a foothold on your home or place of business. Mold that is left untreated can make you, your family or your employees sick.

Black Mold Removal

24 thoughts on “Mold Remediation

  1. Tam-Anh Nguyen

    i had a 3 month old rotten fruit with mold on it… alot of mold in my shelf i got rid of the fruit in the not so safe way… even tho i had a simple breathing mask on and proper clothing. i read somewhere on the internet you can suck up the mold in the air with a vacum cleaner and a special filter. 1 month later i ended up with Tinnitus. and my mother won’t believe me that it has anything to do with the mold! ugh

  2. mrthebengaltiger1

    I accidentally touched a small amount of black mold on a shower curtain, but I washed it off quickly with water. Will I be ok?

  3. Matthew Jerabek

    I was just browsing to see what kind of videos fellow mold remediation companies are posting on youtube. Love it!

  4. Blaine Parry

    Missing quite a bit and certainly not done in accordance to IICRC ANSI Standards (S-520).

    Never a good idea to recommend that an untrained home owner attempt mold remediation activities as it always makes the problem worse…and more expensive!!!

  5. NickClimbsHills

    I wish I had known this sooner. For the past month I have been having terrible anxiety, brain fog, chronic headache, eye swelling, derealization. The only thing I was wearing was a white mask. My boss told me some people are allergic to it, and him being my boss I believed it not to be a big deal. This stuff really fucks you up, I havent been the same since.

  6. Johnny Scott

    It looks like a vapor cartridge, but it’s not. He’s using a organic vapor/P100 particulate combination cartridge. Different than the P100 pink disk cartridge but that’s because it’s rated for both.

  7. Johnny Scott

    Check jondon dot com you’ll need a full face or half face respirator (with goggles) and a filter called a “P100.” That cartridge will either be a pink pancake style cartridge or the one he has is an “organic vapor/P100 particulate cartridge. The pancake filter is a fraction of the price.

  8. wilhd123

    can boiled water get rid of mould? there was this mould in my plastic cup so I used boiled water to get rid of it does that work?

  9. A Ki

    Not for sure. You need a bleach solution or some other chemical. Mold spores can survive in space and they can survive a nuclear explosion. This stuff is gnarly.

  10. brandgineering

    Actually, you don’t know if it is “black mold” that is toxic without testing in a lab. Many types of mold are black in color. That does not mean you don’t take the proper precautions. You should also have negative airflow systems to pull air out of the house in that same room. Just putting plastic over the vents is not enough.

  11. brandgineering

    And yeah, usually you want to remove the drywall two feet from the mold. Some state laws require that. That means the wall on the other side.

  12. MoldRemovalSarasota

    Mold and mold remediation should not be taken lightly. Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation out there surrounding mold and mold remediation. Speaking with a licensed professional can provide you with some helpful information and guidance. Mold inspection and/or testing from licensed professional is usually a good idea. The EPA also has some useful information concerning mold remediation.

  13. tanya bolton

    Is it true that it is better to use alcohol instead of bleach? Also, to avoid the bleach from rusting screws, pipes etc..


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